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How InnTown Stays got started

In 2019, Mike & Linda had a house fire. They needed to vacate their home for an undisclosed amount of time. They were quickly moved into an extended stay hotel. However, after a month it started to become stressful. The hotel was 30 minutes away from their hometown, and because of the location, it was out of the way of coffee shops, restaurants, the local library, etc.

InnTown Stays® contacted their insurance company and worked out a contract so that the rate of staying in a house was lower than the hotel rate, which meant they could move in right away. Little did Mike & Linda know, they would be living in that house for 5 more months!

That’s how the idea for InnTown Stays got started. The founders wanted to build a community of hosts dedicated to providing temporary housing to victims of disaster. 

They wanted a way to provide fully equipped homes for people to stay in rather than hotels. They wanted to help put people back in their hometowns where they can keep their routines, be close to friends & family, and help reduce a bit of the stress and anxiety they feel while their own homes are being repaired or rebuilt.

How Can InnTown Stays Help

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When disaster strikes

We’re helping to get victims of disaster out of having to stay in hotels for months, and we’re helping save insurance companies money by providing a service that connects people with fully-equipped homes in their neighborhood or town.

After a disaster strikes, we’re helping people take back their peace of mind.

Property Owners

By providing flexible lease options to disaster victims, you’re helping keep families in their own towns and neighborhoods.

You’re not just providing safe and comfortable homes, you’re assisting disaster victims with recovery.

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Insurance Adjusters

Insurers can assist with recovery by working with InnTown Stays to help move families out of hotels and into better living arrangements while their homes are being repaired or rebuilt.

At the same time, InnTown Stays will help save insurance companies money by finding homes that significantly reduce the cost of the claim’s temporary housing expense.

Meet Our Founders

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Jorge Sanclemente





Q: How many house fires occur every day in the United States?

A: An estimated 358,500 home fires occur every year. 50% of these fires start in the kitchen, 7% begin in the bedroom, and 6% are chimney fires, 4% of all residential home fires start in the living room, while 3% start from the laundry room.

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