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When Life Happens

Our innovative software platform will notify insurance policyholders of nearby, fully-equipped, home options as soon as their temporary housing claim is created.

We're helping insurance companies transition policyholders into a fully-equipped short-term rental homes after devastating events.

Platform Features

The InnTown Stays® software platform revolutionizes the policyholder user experience through a rich set of features and developer tools. Everything from an insurance company submitting a temporary home request, to the platform, to the policyholder resting peacefully at night knowing that they are in good hands, has been thought through and validated with industry experts.

Instant Booking & Leasing

Booking a home on our platform couldn’t be easier. From the time a request hits our platform, our software will notify the policyholder of options. From there, the policyholder can find a home, digitally sign the lease, and check-in to the home in 30 minutes or less!

Claims API

We built our software from the ground up so that Insurance carriers can interact with our Claims API through the InnTown Stays web app and model claims and housing requests on behalf of their policyholders.

Map Integration

Whether it’s a claim or a home on our platform, InnTown Stays employs first-class map technology to visualize and easily navigate availability for both support teams and policyholders finding their place.

Support @ InnTown Stays

Insurance carriers can subscribe to InnTown Stays managed support for full support coverage of temporary housing claims. Optionally, carriers can support plan members using our platform’s easy-to-use Tenant Support Interface (TSI). They can even build their own tenant user experience using our software!

About Us

InnTown Stays® started as a way to help friends dealing with the devastation of a house fire. Months away from being able to move back home, InnTown Stays Founder, BJ Allmon, and his family agreed to help friends, Mike & Linda, relocate into the Allmon’s local vacation home until their house restoration was complete. The rest is history. InnTown Stays® was born as a service to make it just as easy to lease a house as it is to vacation in one. Helping people find homes to meet their needs is at the heart of it all.

The Team

BJ Allmon

CEO & Co-Founder

Thom Leiter

COO & Co-Founder

Jorge Sanclemente

CCO & Co-Founder

Jason Duffy

Tech Lead

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