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After a devastating event, the last thing you want to worry about is where you’ll live while your home is getting restored, or when you need time to locate a new one. InnTown Stays® is here to help you find a temporary home while you rebuild yours.

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Start Living Again

From a rental home and a fire, to an idea to help millions of people around the world. InnTown Stays® started as a way to help friends dealing with the devastation of a house fire. After weeks of staying in a hotel, Mike and Linda were still months away from being able to move back home. InnTown Stays® Founder, BJ Allmon, and his family agreed to help Mike & Linda relocate into the Allmon’s local vacation home until their house restoration was complete.

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After a disaster strikes, take back your peace of mind and start rebuilding your home and your life.​

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Relocation after a disaster
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Short-term housing needs
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Temporary business space
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Apartment placement

Happy Customers

Take back your peace of mind and start rebuilding your home and your life.

"In mid-January we had a house fire. We needed to vacate the house for an undisclosed amount of time. Our insurance put us in an extended stay hotel, which, if we had to be in a hotel, was quite nice. However, after a month living in a hotel, it started to become stressful. The hotel was 30 minutes away from our hometown, and because of where it was located we didn't have the ability to walk to coffee, restaurants, the library, etc.

InnTown Stays® contacted our insurance company and worked out a contract so that the rate of staying in a house was lower than the hotel rate, which meant we could move in right away. Little did we know we would be living in that house for 5 more months! They were extremely attentive to our needs and comfort.

We had a fully equipped home to live in, rather than a 1 bedroom hotel suite. We were back in our own hometown, which meant we could be back to so many of our routines. We were close to our friends again. The reduction of stress and anxiety that InnTown Stays provided is hard to describe. We strongly recommend booking with InnTown Stays to stay in your hometown when situations arise where you need to be out of your home."
Mike & Linda
Delaware, OH
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Getting your life back to normal isn't easy

We’re helping to get families out of hotels and save insurance companies money by providing a service that connects people with fully-equipped homes in their neighborhood or town.