Getting Back to Normal

InnTown Stays was started with the hope of helping victims of disaster relocate into better, temporary, living accommodations. Whether that disaster was a house fire, flooding, or even a tree falling on your home, we’re here to help disaster victims who’ve previously been put up in a hotel for months at a time, and relocate them into a better living space until their homes can be restored.

Our ultimate goal is to see everyone who is living through this type of disaster relocation experience be able to find a temporary house to live in that’s right around the corner from their home that’s being worked on. Or right up the street. Ultimately, as close as possible to their house. So that not only can they keep up with the progress of the work that’s being done, but their routines can be somewhat normal for the amount of time they’ll be out of their house.

  • Their work routines
  • Their school routines
  • Their family routines
  • Their recreation routines
  • They can still cook out with their neighbors
  • They can keep their same schedule
  • They can still go to their kid’s school events

Their lives have been disrupted enough. At least this way they can live semi-normally for the next 3, 6, 12 plus months they’re going be out of their home.

Don’t get us wrong, living in a hotel can be great…for a weekend, or even a few weeks if that’s all it’s going to be. But we recently heard a story about a family who had been out of their house for going on 16 months while it was being worked on after a fire. That’s almost a year and a half. And they’ve been staying in a hotel the whole time. That’s crazy!

At InnTown Stays, we’re working on building a system that makes it just as easy to find a temporary house to live in as it is to find a hotel. And not only that, but a house that’s in your town, your neighborhood, maybe even on your street. And one that fits your family’s needs, your family size, your pets, your cars, etc. We want people to be comfortable until they can move back into their own home.

And we want the leasing to be flexible enough to fit each individual situation. We don’t want people to have to sign a 6-month lease if they’re only going to be their for 3 months. They shouldn’t have to sign on for a year if they’re only going to be there temporarily for 7 or 8 months. We’re trying to make flexible leasing a standard practice. This isn’t a vacation for these people. They just lost part of their home to a fire or flood, etc. They have a lot of work to do and adjustments to make for their family until they can get back to normal. What InnTown Stays is trying to do is make their relocation experience and temporary living arrangements better while they get their house in order, pun intended 🙂


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